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E-Beam website

This website is a collection of information about e-coolers and e-lenses devices at CERN. It is part of the E-Beam Working Group effort for documenting and disseminate the knowledge acquired on those devices.

E-Beam mandate

The E-BEAM Working Group is a forum to:

  • Facilitate exchange of information amongst all actors involved in electron beam devices.
  • Openly discuss any matter related to the design and operation of electron beam devices.
  • Review specifications and needs on electron beam and help translating them into technical requirements.
  • Show operational experience and limitations of electron devices, express needs for operation and help improving performance where possible.
  • Simulate electron beam to predict and improve the electron beam dynamics
  • Simulate beam dynamics in the presence of electron beams to predict cooling or cleaning efficiency.
  • Develop and discuss on simulation tools and exchange expertise.

E-Beam meetings

  • The official indico space is available here.
  • The list of previous (and possible future) meetings is available here.


The E-Beam meetings are public: Please, feel free to subscribe to the E-BEAM e-group to be informed about our next meetings.