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Simulation software


Is the standard de-facto for e-cooling simulations, developed by JINR:

Recent publications

  • 2021: A. Borucka et al., Benchmark of e-cooling simulations with RF-Track, CERN-ACC-NOTE-2021-0031
  • 2013: Stoel, L S, Benchmarking BETACOOL with data from LEIR and AD, CERN-STUDENTS-Note-2013-145
  • 2012: A.O.Sidorin et al, Long Term Beam Dynamics Simulation With The Betacool Code TUACH02
  • 2006: Physics guide of BETACOOL code version 1.1 - inspire
  • 2005: A.O.Sidorin et al, BETACOOL program for simulation of beam dynamics in storage rings - link
  • Interesting presentation about BETACOOL development (2003) BNL


Recent publications

  • LINAC2016: A.Latina, RF-Track: Beam tracking in field maps including space-charge effects, features and benchmarks CDS


Recent publications

  • 2019: H. Zhang et al. The Latest Code Development Progress of JSPEC, NAPAC2019, TUPLO04


  • Cooling module not yet available, but plans to have it in 2022 (maybe an integration with Betacool and/or RF-Track)
    • Presently the preferred option for future development of tracking code at CERN
  • Online documentation available at link

Recent publications

2021:G. Iadarola et al.* Xsuite code - presentation indico


  • Developed at BNL
  • Used for bunched beam cooling simulations

Recent publications

Jul 2020: H. Zhao et al. Cooling simulation and experimental benchmarking for an rf-based electron cooler PRL 23.074201

Other codes/references: