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Antiproton Decelerator (AD)

The decelerator

Table from

Momentum pbar 300 MeV/c 100 MeV/c
Electron energy about 27 keV about 3 keV
Electron current about 2.2 A about 200 mA
Cooling length 1.5 m
Drift magnet field 590 Gauss
Electron beam radius 25 mm
Cooling time 16 s 15 s
$\epsilon_x$ / $\epsilon_y$ 3 / 3  ($\pi$ × mm × mrad) 0.8 / 0.5 ($\pi$ × mm × mrad)
dp/p 10-4 < 7 × 10-5

Technical drawings

They can be found on CDD under AD_ project, under “beecn0” folder. Of interest is the overall layout also available here


Powering scheme

Detailed electrical schematics available here (by A. Frassier)


Some links

  • 14 Oct 2020: New AD Electron Cooler : Kick-off meeting - indico


Some links

  • SY-BI repository of documentation on EDMS
  • 1997: R. Brown and G. Tranquille, Magnetic Field Measurements of the LEIR Electron Cooling Device EDMS #2340163
    • Description of magnetic measurements performed on the now-AD electron cooler. The document gives mainly a description of the measurements, but not much info about the actual results.
  • Jun 1984: A. Wolf, Magnetic field measurements in the electron cooling device for LEAR - metadata CDS